Bench Vice

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Bench Vice

The Export quality Vices are specially designed to ensure perfect alignment and smooth movement.BODY : Shock resisting Cast iron, free from sand holes, pits, blow holes,scabs and other imperfections
NUT : Unbreakable Malleable Steel Nut for extra tuff grip.
JAWS: Made of special Carbon Steel properly heat treated grinded and serrated to ensure a fast non slip. Horizontal and vertical ’V’ is provided for round section work.
SPINDLE SCREW : Is fine pitched made of selected steel to match with Nut for long and durable life.
GUIDE PINS : Two hardenend pins are provided instead of spring for the smooth running of the vice.
SWIVEL BASE : Specially designed having three holes for mounting. Vice rotates through 360º on base & can be locked positively at any position.