BRADMA Impact Press (Hand and Pneumatic)

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Features / Benefits – Impact Press

  • Easy – to – adjust impact force.
  • Automatic compensation for different work piece thickness ( note : Airline Pressure is only compressing the spring – not for determining impact force).
  • Highly versatile : Ideal for LIGHT ASSEMBLY WORK and for SHEET METAL WORK (Riveting, flaring, Piercing, Shearing, Bending ….. plus many more operations).
  • Output speed matches speed of manual loading.
  • Lowest rejections – even in precision jobs.
  • Far longer tool / die life !
  • Adaptable for automation with approximate fixtures tools and dies.
  • Tools with cylindrical shanks are clamped by a collet in tool-holder.
  • Arm can be set and clamped at any height on the column.
  • Fine-ground working table surface with T-slots for speedy iing of work – holding ixtures.
  • All sliding parts are made of selected steel hardened and ground.