Drilling cum Milling Machine – Floor Model

Available in 2 models. (Capacity: 25mm, 40mm, 50mm)

  1. Pillar Model – Head is fixed, Job table is adjustable. This model is suitable when less coolant flow is needed. Job table is not degree adjustable.
  2. Box Base Model – Head is adjustable, Job table is fixed in base. This model is suitable when continuous and good flow of coolant is required. Job table is degree adjustable.


To download complete Drilling cum Milling Machine Catalogue: Click Here

Specifications of 40mm Floor Type Machine: (Other specification on request)

Drilling Capacity – 40mm

Table Degree Movement – Yes

Head Movement – Yes (Up and Down)

Coolant System: In Built

Pillar to Centre Distance – 320mm

Spindle Travel – 250mm

Table Size – 725 x 235mm

Table Movement – 280mm

Tapper in Spindle – MT-4 with E40 Collet

Spindle Number of Speeds – 8 Motor

Req. HP – 2 HP 3 PH Weight (Approx.) – 550Kgs