BRADMA Punches (Hand, Interchangeable, Numerator)

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Alpha Numeric Sets:

  • Suitable for part numbering, batch & date Coding, etc. on Steels, Casings, Forgings, Aluminum, Brass, Plasics, Paper.
  • Types made from High Quality Tool Steel
  • Letters and Numbers formed by unique Cold forming process for longer tool life
  • Dull Nickel plated for rust free longer shelf life.
  • Bevel Angles, Character Depth & “Bradma” Calligraphy to maximize type life
  • Sets are available with or without Holder.
  • All dimensions are to very close tolerances, for the clearest uniform impression in perfect alignment when Types are assembled in Holder

Hand Punches:

  • Made from high Quality, heat treated tool steel. Finely balanced with liberal overall shank size.
  • Ensures deep, clear and legible stamped impression. Safeguards against mushrooming, chipping and splitting of hammering end.
  • Each punch is clearly marked with character designaion and size
  • Dull Nickel Plated for rust free longer shelf life.


SERIAL NUMBERS can be marked on metal parts – in a simple operation. Special design ensures that numbers advance one – at – a time accurately and automatically. Impressions are perfectly aligned, evenly spaced, uniformly deep – Component after component !

Salient features of Bradma Rotary Type Numerators

  • Wheels made from special Tool Steel.
  • Advancing cams machined into solid wheels
  • Cam material as durable as stamping characters.
  • Extra wide unit wheel for longer life.
  • One – piece actuating pawl machined from solid bar.
  • Direct – reading characters to check set-up
  • No riveted assembly – easy to dismantle and clean by user.
  • Unique design of holding catch and springs.

Special Automatic Rotary Numerators

  • Automatic Rotary Numerators with more than 10 wheels
  • Numerators with Alpha – Numeric and / or special wheel combination.
  • Concave / Convex Numerators for Curved Surfaces
  • High Performance Numerators for longer life.
  • Composite Numerators with provision to mark Logo or Repeated fixed data along with serial numbers.
  • Numerators for marking at Red Hot temperature or Numerator with Heating arrangement.
  • Numerators with special Calligraphy.