Skil 45 Piece Stubby Wrench Set (Red and Black)


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  • Sockets and screwdriver bits
  • Adaptors
  • 21 pieces bonus precision screwdriver bits
  • Plastic case


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Product Description

A wrench is used for loosening and tightening bolts and nuts of various sizes. An adjustable wrench lets the user work with different sizes without to changing tools.

Skil, has come up with this 45 Piece Stubby Wrench Set that is packed in a lightweight yet tough and durable plastic case with a transparent cover that can be conveniently carried anywhere. This red and black stainless steel tool has a rubber handle for comfortable grip. It comes with a huge variety of bits and tools set that can be used for a wide range of applications. Apart from the regular bits, it comes with 21 extra precision bits. It comes with a 6-month warranty being subject to manufacturing defects.

It is a one stop solution for any kind of emergency, office and household needs like wire twisting, cutting, bending, fixing curtain rods, bookshelves, door handles etc. It comes very handy even for changing tyres and other parts of a vehicle. For extra grip and stability, the tools come with a locking mechanism for the bits and sockets. The free 21 piece precision bit set is the most attractive aspect of the set.

The pack contains ratcheting wrench, a precision bits adaptor, an adjustable wrench, an extension bar, a screwdriver handle, 12 screw bits, 21 precision bits and nut sockets.

So if you want to fix things immediately without waiting for the mechanic, then buy online this home improvement product named Skil 45 Piece Stubby Wrench Set today and make life easier.

From the Manufacturer

45 PC Stubby Set from Bosch-Skil is a one stop solution for household as well as office applications. It comes with a wide variety of tools and bits sets that can be used for a range of applications. A must have products for home and office needs!

  • Wire cutting, wire twisting and wire bending
  • Fixing bookshelves, curtain rods, door handles etc
  • Sockets and screwdriver bits
  • Adaptors
  • 21 pieces bonus precision screwdriver bits
  • Plastic case
Key Features
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Ideal for home and office applications
  • Comfort grip handle to provide secure grip
  • Tough, durable and light weight plastic case that provides easy portability
  • Locking mechanism in the plastic case to store all the tools in the box
  • In addition to the regular screwdriver bits, the office set offers 21 pieces of bonus precision bits
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