MODI / HABA Brand – Lathe Machines – Medium Duty – Belt Driven

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MODI                   Economical and Value for Money.
HABA                   High Precision for Tool Room Works.

Ranges Available

Length Of Bed (mm) 1370 (4’6″) 1600 (5’3″) 1825 (6′)
Admit Between Center (mm) 450 725 1000

Also available in – 3 1/8″ Spindle Bore with Center Height – 10″


Type Of Bed Hardened Bed Ways
Swing Over Bed 420mm
Height Of Centre 215mm
Width Of Bed 277mm
Swing Over Cross Slide 240mm
Swing In Gap 620mm
Length Of Gap In Front Of Face Plate 125mm
Head Stock
No.of Spindle Speed 6
Spindle Speed Range 40-550RPM
Spindle Morse Taper MT-6
Spindle Bore 50mm (Optional: 80mm)
Spindle Nose Threaded
Spindle Nose Diameter 76.20mm
Spindle Threads 6 TPI
No.of British Threads 19
Range ofBritish Threads 2 To 24 TPI
No. of Metric Threads 13
Range of Metric Threads 1 to 6mm
No. of Feeds 19
Range of Longitudinal Feeds 0.165-2mm
Range of tranverse Feeds 0.04-0.485mm
Lead Screw Diameter/ Pitch 31.75mm/4 TPI
Tail Stock
Tail Stock Spindle Diameter 50.8mm
Taper In Tail Stock Quill MT-4
Cross Slide Travel 240mm
Compound Slide Travel 140mm
Tail Stock Sleeve Travel 150mm
Tool Post Square 100x100mm
Tool Shank Size 25mm
Suitable Electrical 2HP 3PH

Standard Accessories

  • Flame Hardened Bed Ways, Chuck Back Plate, Center Adapter, Dead Center 2 nos, Tool Post Spanner, Motor pulley, Thread Dial Indicator, Change Gear Set-1 (For Metric and Inch both), Chip Tray and Instruction Manual with Spare Parts Details (Optional)

Optional Accessories

  • Face Plate, Carrier Plate, Steady Rest, Follow Rest, Taper Turning Attachment, Motorised Coolant Pump with Tank and Fittings, Rear Tool Post with extended Cross Slide, Chuck back plates, Electricals (Motor, Wirings, Switch, V-Belts and Fittings) and Norton Gear Box