PRG Brand – Pneumatic Power Press – C Frame (Full Steel Body)


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Special Features

  • Extra Bed Plate provided below the bed for larger Dies.
  • Powder coating type paint to avoid quick rusting.
  • Connecting Rod Lock Nut provided for long life of Ball Screw.
  • Main Gear and Double Gear DP are Heavy for perfect load.
  • Knock Out System provided in all the machines as Std. Accessories.


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  • Two Hand Controlled Push Buttons
  • Panel Board ( On/Off, Itch, Single Stroke , Continuous Stroke )
  • Foot Switch Operation
  • Hand Operated Lubrication Pump


  • Stroke Counter
  • Motorized Lubrication Pump
  • Hand Safety Sensors
  • Hydraulic Overload Safety Device
  • Die Cushion
  • Pneumatic Feeder, Decoiler, Recoiler, Servo Feeder, Straightner etc