BRADMA Roll Marking Machine

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Features / Benefits

  • Ideal for marking cylindrical (Solid or hollow ) components of Steel, Aluminium, Brass, etc. using Bradma interchangeable Steel Types and marking Dies.
  • Perfect for marking such specific components as drills, taps, engine valves, spark plugs, cuing tools, diamond tools, bushes, nozzles, sanitary iings, hose end iings, gas lighters and studs.
  • Outstanding benefits : Low set -up time. Easy operation. High output rates. Robust construction low costs (uses standard tooling).
  • The Steel Types or stamp marks are mounted in holder fixed to the machine carriage.
  • A simple hand lever operates the carriage producing a uniform, legible marking.
  • Marking depth is precisely set by adjusting the vertical dove-tail slide, which cant then be locked any position for repetitive work.

Note: The length of inscription, size of characters number of lines and depth of impression are interrelated and also depend on the hardness of the material being marked.

Accessories: Anvil, Roller Cradle, Stud Arbour, Type Holder.

Anvil: Components to be marked can be placed either on the Anvil or directly on the Bed.

Roller Cradles

  • These support and position Solid, round components or thick-walled tubing for peripheral marking
  • During the marking operation, the type holder or marking die rolls over the periphery of the component, causing it to rotate in the cradle.
  • Lubricated rollers assure free movement of components while marking.

Stud Arbour

  • This provides internal support to hollow, round components allowing them to rotate freely during marking.
  • Generally, thin- walled components require close-fitting studs to avoid distortion due to marking : while thick-walled components do not necessarily require close-iing studs.
  • Hollow, round components with stepped outer diameters can also be marked with the Stud Arbour.

Type Holder: These guarantee accurate type position, positive locking and durability.